5 Remote New Collar Jobs That Are In High Demand

The New Collar job is a new class of work that doesn’t require the manual labor of the blue collar worker or the college degree that many white collar workers have. The New Collar Job falls somewhere in between. These jobs are vocational, so they normally require the worker to have a specific set of skills, often technical, and can be performed remotely.

  • If you’re interested in starting a new collar career, these are jobs that are mostly in demand:
  1. Web Developer– Become a full-stack developer with front and back-end development skills. Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java and SQL and start a career as a Web Designer, UX Designer, UI Designer or QA Developer:
  2. Software Developer– Create software programs, system software or applications. By learning Python, Java and Linux you can become skilled at general software design, the development process and project management strategies.
  1. IT Help Desk Technician – Provide technical support for computer-related issues and troubleshoot network errors for customers. Learn Windows and Linux operating systems to gain access to systems and fix problems.
  2. Database Administrator – Keep digital information organized and create new databases. Learn to query with languages like SQL and monitor activity, so systems are not hacked for information
  3. Data Analyst –Analyze information to make sure it’s accurate, accessible, and meets compliance. The data is used to make decisions about purchases and services. Analysts can be financial analysts, operations research analysts or market research analysts.